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November 2017 marks my two year anniversary of working for makepositive.


makepositive is a multi-award winning platinum Salesforce consultancy, the largest pure-play platinum partner in the UK. We are on an amazing growth journey, winning some of the best and biggest projects around. Some of the best and brightest in the Salesforce ecosystem can be found working here, it’s a caring, sharing organisation with a family feel, once you’ve worked here you won’t want to work anywhere else - but of course I’m going to say this, not only because it’s true but because I’m the Head Of Talent and I want you to work here.

So rather than me making this blog my sales pitch I asked our new recruits to tell me what they’ve enjoyed about their time at MP so far - here’s what they said:

  • “Autonomy. Opportunity. Shenanigans”
  • “There is always someone that has worked on some aspect of the Salesforce platform before that you can turn to in times of need”
  • “In-house developers to run the complicated things by”
  • “Guinness in the fridge”
  • “Freedom: to wear what you like, to be yourself, to eat everything in the kitchen without being judged! ( I love the dry fruit!!!!!)”
  • “The support that people show in the office when you start a new role (patient and understanding)”
  • “The endless supply of snacks”
  • “The chilled culture. You can be yourself and be in charge of your own responsibilities (no micro-management)”
  • “How welcoming everyone is - always introducing themselves”
  • “The social side, you don't find this in every company =)”
  • “Flexible working, the work-life balance is great”
  • “It’s fun to work, people are very supportive”
  • “Loads to learn and explore”
  • “And of course the snacks :) love them”
  • “Working closely with everybody including juniors and seniors”
  • “Flexible and open work culture”
  • “All seniors are easily reachable and ready to participate, help to solve in case of issue/challenges”
  • “And Snacks when you're super hungry  :)“
  • “The unique mix of individuals working on projects unique to them combined with the team culture makes the place a really dynamic and exciting yet relaxed place to work”
  • “The endless battles on the table tennis table and the limitless supply of treats all help to add to the fun too!”

So there it is - from the horse’s mouth - not only do our new recruits really like snacks, they also really enjoy working at makepositive.

Keen to hear more or apply to work here? Please email me on or check out our shiny new careers portal:

Thank you for reading :)


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