My journey from Greece to makepositive via University of Leeds

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Peter Drucker, the father of management theory, said: “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” And that is what I try to do… create my own future!


I grew up in Greece with a dream to change the world… into a world full of happy faces and trustworthy people!

A little bit of background ... my previous working experience through different positions helped me understand the importance of the relationship between a consumer and the product or service to a company’s growth and success. Throughout my work experience in a marketing consulting company in Greece, as an assistant in marketing research projects, I learned the different trends and patterns that we need to understand with regards to consumer preferences, so that a company can develop their marketing strategies. In addition, working as part time PR/CRM assistant manager at a travel agency, as well as at various café-bars and restaurants, I managed to develop my communication and advertising skills by being responsible for organising events and promoting the services and products of the company. While working in the telecommunications industry, I learned how presenting and promoting products and tailored services effectively can lead to success.

The common thing in all of my job positions is my passion for marketing!

Therefore, I decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Marketing. So… one year ago, I came to the UK to study for my MSc in International Marketing Management at the University of Leeds. Throughout this year I met a lot of people that helped me overcome the difficulties of living in a new community…. in a new country… in a new working environment. Among these people was Nadio Granata, a Teaching Fellow at the University of Leeds, who further showed me the importance of social media and networking when looking for a job.

After I completed my Master’s degree, and having a particular interest in digital marketing, I thought that using digital tools would be a good idea to help me with my job search. Indeed, it proved to be a great idea! Social media and LinkedIn in particular are powerful tools for networking and especially when searching for new job opportunities. And this is how I found out about a job opportunity at makepositive. In fact, Nadio shared a job position on LinkedIn, and after reading about the role, I immediately applied!

I have now spent one week working with the makepositive team. The people are very welcoming and generous with me. I feel that in makepositive I have found the “world” I was looking for. A “world” where trust and transparency are the basic aspects of all human interactions. In fact, they make me feel that makepositive is my new home!

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