My work experience at makepositive by Anaum Farooq

Posted on Tuesday, May 1, 2018 by Anaum Farooq1 comment

Hi, my name is Anaum Farooq. I am from east London and I’m in year 10. I recently spent an interesting two weeks at makepositive for my work experience placement. Honestly speaking, before I started, I was absolutely clueless about the company. I had no idea what they did and what Salesforce was but I saw this as an opportunity to acquire skills I may have not necessarily have had before. It was a fascinating, new experience for me and it was very different to what my friends were doing, which was why I wanted to do my work experience here.

From my very first day, I could tell everyone was immensely kind and helpful. The office was a happy and productive environment, where everyone seemed to be great friends and work really well together.

Over my short period of time at the company, I spent time with a lot of people from different roles, all with delightful personalities. Here are few things that I learned:

  • I was taught about how the company worked, what different roles there were and the process they would go through using various platforms to get a job done. What I particularly found interesting was how the end product for a client came to be.

  • One of my task that I did with the Marketing Cloud department was journey mapping of a website. I did an overview map and then one which focused on a specific area, from which I developed possible customer profiles. After that, we looked at how the website could improve, such as sending promotional email to their subscribers. From there we created an example email using canva and pardot. I found this really awesome as getting to know how to learn to use these platforms meant I could see myself using this for school work in the future, especially canva.    

  • I also got the opportunity to sit in a couple of meetings. They were very intriguing but simultaneously quite boring when I was just an ‘observer’. Additionally, I got to work with the marketing team and learn how they promote the company. A very creative and fun task I was set by the development and experience team was to redesign the company logo, this challenged me to be more innovative and arty.  

Some feedback from the Brand Director, Nadio Granata, said that “I had shown great enthusiasm and creativity in the time we spent together”.  He also said, “I’d make a great team player”.

Overall these past two weeks have been amazing. It has opened up the door to possible future careers that I had no idea existed. I have learned a lot and got to experience the working life and how an office is run. As well as the many various and different things that are done at makepositive.

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1 comment on "My work experience at makepositive by Anaum Farooq"

  • Mark Richards says: 1 May 2018 at 12:02

    Great blog post Anaum and it was a pleasure to have you with us. You really made an impression on the team. Good luck in the future! Mark

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